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Sunday School curriculum and other Teaching aids in English Afrikaans and Xhosa


Bible – zip bags and Bible plastic covers.
Bibles – English, Afrikaans, Xhosa, etc.
Bible on CD
Bible Study Books
Bulletin Folders (Funeral, Wedding, All Occasions)
Cards – Birthday, Get Well etc.
Christian Reading Books
Christmas Plays – and Musical Plays

Communion Glasses – Plastic Acrylic, Styrene, and Disposable
Communion Trays
Communion Wafers
Costumes for Christmas Plays – King, Donkey, Sheep
Hymn Books – English, Afrikaans, and many other South African languages.
Gift items, eg: Pens, Pencils with text, mugs, and shirts
Gospel CD’s And DVD’s

Plastic covers for Bibles and Hymn Books
(Please contact me for a quote)

Sunday School songs on CD and Trax
Stickers – Welcome, Birthday, or special occasion.
(Please contact me for a quote)
Youth Programme books

(Ivangeli) Sunday School curriculum in English and Afrikaans (and other teaching aids.)

Alpha Material
Cummunion (Cups) glasses, Plastic Acrylic, Styrene, and Disposable.
Hymns books please add after languages and plastic covers
Pastors Manuals
Sunday School songs on CD with Trax and DVD's






I can supply most items needed for your church.
Sunday school or church related meetings or Special occasions
I could also help with a Book Table at your church or at a
Conference display Cape Town Area